Fan Accessories

Specifically selected to enhance the performance of our fans, Dynamic Fan Corporation offers a full range of accessories to handle your unique application.


Dampers provide flexibility by allowing you to control the flow of air through centrifugal fans. They are typically used on fans that have a starting temperature lower than the operating temperature. Colder air requires more horsepower to move than warm air. A damper can be used to control the amount of air moving through the fan until the operating temperature has been reached. Dampers can be attached directly to the outlet flange, on an inlet box or bolted to the inlet flange. Standard damper construction is mild steel. Aluminum and stainless steel construction is available. Dampers for high temperature applications are also available.


VIVs are the most efficient damper. They provide long term savings in energy consumption by creating a controlled pre-swirl of air entering the fan wheel, thereby reducing the inlet velocity relative to the fan blades and thus the horsepower required to operate the fan. Variable Inlet Vanes used on industrial fans are external mount type, mounted on the inlet flange with center vane support and perimeter linkage. Design capability to 1000 deg. F.


Opposed blade dampers are built with flat or airfoil blades shaped to minimize flow restriction from the damper. Each blade rotates in the opposite direction from the one adjacent to it. These dampers have a design capability to 1100 deg. F. and are mounted on the outlet of the fan.


Parallel blade dampers are built with flat or airfoil blades shaped to minimize flow restriction from the damper. Each blade rotates in the same direction providing pre- spun air entering the fan if mounted on an inlet box. These dampers have a design capability to 1100 deg. F. Parallel-blade dampers can be mounted on either the outlet flange or an inlet box of a fan.


Cooling Discs interrupt heat conduction along the shaft into the bearing. Cooling Discs are used on applications where airstream temperatures are above 300 deg. F. A guard is standard with a Cooling Disc.


Dynamic Fan Corporation Screens provide simple, effective means for preventing objects from entering the fan and still allowing air to flow. Screens can be placed on the inlet or outlet and are available on all fans.


The standard DFC shaft seal is of heat resistant material which prevents leakage of air along the shaft. Graphite seals (pictured), stuffing box seals or gas tight seals are also available for special applications.


Inlet boxes are used to guide the air into the fan inlet. Dynamic Fan Inlet boxes are designed to fit where space for an appropriate length of straight ductwork is limited. All inlet boxes are available with access doors and drains.


Silencers are used to reduce the operating noise output of a fan. Silencers can be placed on the inlet, the outlet, or both.


Transitions connect fans to ducts and other system components. They are used when the fan flange size differs from the duct or component attached to the fan. Transitions are available for the inlet or the outlet in square to round or round to round configurations.


Flexible connectors are constructed with two steel flanges that are connected by a flexible material. They are used to isolate the fan from the duct to avoid transmission of noise and vibration through the duct system.


Weather Hoods cover fan inlets, outlets and motors to stop rain and snow from entering the airstream or the drive motor.


Vibration Isolators prevent the transmission of vibration and noise. Locating fans on upper floors, adjacent to quiet areas, increases the need for vibration control. Vibration Isolators reduce the effect of vibration from a fan on surrounding areas.