FC-Centrifugal Fan

Dynamic Fan Corporation  FC fans are well suited for a wide range of general industrial ventilation from low to high temperatures. DFC most commonly supplies FC fans used to cool large electric motors.


FC wheels are designed for clean air applications. They have shallow scooped blades curved in the direction of rotation. The design allows the wheel to produce high volumes of air at lower tip speeds which delivers quieter operation. Wheel blades are continuously welded to a flat inlet shroud and a flat backplate. Bars are welded from the shroud to the hub to stiffen the wheel construction. When the desired pressure requires higher tip speeds, tip and heel rings are added to ensure the wheels integrity. Taper bore steel hubs with easy release companion bushings are standard. All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced on precision electronic balancing equipment.


FC fans are available in SW (Single wide) and DW (double wide) configurations with standard catalog wheel diameters from 12.25” to 60”. They are available to operate at temperatures of up to 1200 deg. F. and air flow of 800 to 250,000 CFM up to 10” SP for SW and 1,200 to 400,000 CFM up to 10” SP for DW. They feature fixed housings that can be constructed at any discharge angle.  All standard AMCA arrangements are available and all performance ratings are based on tests made in accordance with AMCA standards. Sizes and performance requirements outside the standard product line are our specialty. Contact us for information.


Housings for all DFC fans are continuously welded for strength and are airtight. Extra heavy-duty steel gauges are used for superior strength with heavy-duty angles and bars added to the case for additional stiffness and support ensuring vibration free performance. Inlet cones are designed for smooth acceleration of airflow into the wheel for optimal efficiency. Continuously welded and drilled Inlet and Outlet flanges are standard on all fans. All-welded heavy-duty steel bearing pedestals maintain accurate drive alignment. We use anti-friction pillow block bearings rated for 100,000 hours (L10) of operation. Fan shafts are turned ground and polished and selected for a minimum first critical speed 33% above the maximum fan speed. Stainless Steel, Aluminum and special alloy construction is available for all fans.


  • Dynamic Fan gray enamel paint is standard
  • Shaft, belt and coupling guards are standard
  • Housing drain with plug is standard
  • Bolted access door is standard
  • All DFC fans are tested at design operating speed and trim balanced prior to shipment.


  • Custom paint
  • Epoxy coating
  • Primer only
  • Teflon coated wheels
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Hinged, flush, or raised access doors
  • Access doors with gaskets
  • High temperature construction
  • Abrasion Resistant (AR) housings and AR housing liners
  • Chromium carbide housings and chromium carbide housing liners
  • Abrasion Resistant (AR) wheel blades and AR wheel blade liners
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special alloy construction
  • Spark resistant construction

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